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Welcome to AVEC M.O.I. EVENT PLANNING & DESIGN! My name is Felicia Gostisbehere and I am both the founder of Avec M.O.I. and its chief planner & designer. It all started as I was planning my wedding – suddenly, that fiery passion deep inside could no longer be tamed. You see, I’ve always had a knack for things such as interior design, decorating, event planning, wedding planning, etc. For me, it was fun. It was relaxing. It made my heart smile. I couldn’t tell you why I loved it or what I found to be intriguing about it – I just knew I was the happiest when I was planning and designing.

It all sounds great, right? Friends would say, “Felicia! You’re so good at this. You definitely need to become a wedding and event planner!” I would smile, think about it for 3.2 seconds, and then return to rearranging the napkins. When it came to branching out to be a wedding and event planner, there was always one drawback: I had just spent the last seven years of my life both earning my degree and starting my career as an emergency room/trauma nurse. How on earth was I supposed to leave all that hard work behind? All those sleepless nights, tears of frustration, and all those lives I’d saved? All for what? Wedding theme ideas, wedding dresses, corporate events, and pretty, shiny things? The answer is ABSOLUTELY!

You only have one life to live and you only have one shot at making your life unforgettable. Wedding and event planning and design fills my soul. These types of special events are unique, but more importantly, your events are uniquely yours, forever and ever. By truly listening to my clients, I help them enhance and organize their vision. Together, we begin creating not only unforgettable moments, but unforgettable memories. Through mutual honesty and reliability, we create a sense of trust. When you choose me as your wedding planner or event planner, you know I will always have your back. By being open-minded, self-aware, and dependable, we will be able to create a unique bond throughout your wedding and event planning experience.

Indulge in this journey with me. Together, let’s go on this thrilling adventure of planning your perfect wedding or event. Trust me, have confidence in me, and believe that I will do my best to create the event of your dreams. We are stronger together than we are apart.

Xo F

About Avec MOI Event Planning & Design